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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

STAR-AI is an AI-powered content production suite that empowers creators with a powerful, customisable, and user-friendly platform for bringing their ideas to life.

With a focus on granular control at every step of content creation, we put creators at the centre of the creative process by offering granular control at every stage of generation, ensuring that AI enhances, rather than replaces, human creative potential.

Our custom back-end delivers advancements in model fine tuning, prompt adherence, training and inference speed, and multi-image prompting functionality. We also address common issues around image degradation and have implemented a custom upscaling, with much more on the way!

How long does it use Chatbot free?

We free all features of Chatbot like as AI Chatbot, Summarize Data, Product Description, Essay Writing.

No login, no required tokens to use them. It's free.

We online & ChatgptFre is free platform.

Do I need a account to use?

No, ChatgptFre is a AI Chatbot builder platform that allows you to easily chat without any login requirements.

Are chatbot AI interactions secure and private?

At Term of Service, and Privacy Policy we don't storage any prompt or response from Chatbot AI when you used.

Private and Free are goal we development.

Can chatbot AI understand and respond to natural language?

Yes, current at STAR-AI we development a AI can understand and respond to natural language.

What platforms are compatible?

Current we development website and mobile application.

ChatgptFre is free and also on mobile app.